Welcome to my Beautiful World. Where every broken treasure, whether it be furniture, china, jewelry or people are always looked upon as masterpieces in the ReHeirlooming™ process. I love to turn broken into beautiful, and more so love to mentor others to do so! Mosaic is a perfect metaphor for life as I lived it thus far.

I believe life should be lived Soulrageously and don’t apologize for doing so. My unrestrained passion for life is represented in my mosaic works of art, that are near and dear to my heart and an extension of my soul to yours. My personal product guarantee is that your soul will always gravitate toward your Mosaic Mermaid creation or I will replace it no questions asked.


I am presently offering mosaic workshops in Southern Florida and other locations upon request. Later this year, I will be offering my first online series called “Soulrageous Life Journey” in order to reach women all over the world. “Soulrageous Life Journey”  will be a year long creative discovery process designed to reignite the creative spark so many of my students state that they have lost prior to comeing into my world. Creating is the spark that brings the best of me out. It is like water that quenches my soul. I have a passion to keep the creative process alive by sharing my message that;

It doesn’t matter how broken you are, what really matters is how you put the pieces back together” all over the world.



Jessica from NJ was a perfect example of a lovely young mother that has turned broken to beautiful in her life.

“I have to tell you that you have been quite an inspiration for me to find my artistic side again. I was a trained dancer for years and gave it up when I became pregnant with my first son. I’ve always been a little different and a dreamer (artsy) and have always needed an artistic outlet. You have really helped me to find that side of myself again that I thought was lost. So I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel like I’ve come alive again”. ~ Jessica

I invite you into my world, a world filled with love, hope, endless color and a belief that all things are possible for those that believe.

Nancy aka The Mosaic Mermaid,