About Nancy

Nancy Olliver aka The Mosaic Mermaid is the creative visionary behind the Mosaic Mermaid lines of fine handcrafted mosaic jewelry, artisan furnishings and creative workshops. Through spreading her message that.

“It doesn’t matter how broken you are what really matters is how you put the pieces back together.”

Nancy has been able to develop a loyal following and build a profitable international business as a sought after mosaic artisan, instructor and business mentor through her unique ability to combine her passion for creating art, healing and nurturing people and business leadership skills.

Nancy is well known for reigniting the creative spark in her students that many believe they have lost forever. She believes that” by honoring the creative side of our soul, we give ourselves permission to be who we really are meant to be” and that this is the part of our being that is the catalyst to living life Soulrageously.

You Can succeed.2013

Nancy is so passionate about encouraging others to live the creative life they were born to live, because she denied that part of her soul for many years, until she could stand it no longer. She was raised by an extremely talented but starving single motherartist.

She stated that “ Mommie would often have to make the decision if she would buy painting supplies or food for us kids”. It was these meager beginnings that caused Nancy to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. Nancy and her brothers were always finding broken things on the side of the road and ReHeirlooming™ them into masterpieces to sell to add money to the families budget.


While Nancy had an unquenchable passion for creating and had become a hard core entrepreneur, it was the hard times that she remembered growing up in the project that caused her to pursue a nursing career as a young woman, instead of an art career.



She never wanted to have to worry about feeding her children and making the choices that her mother had to make as an adult. However that fire to create never left her, and even after 3 college degree’s she knew in her heart of hearts that she would not be fulfilled from the inside out until she went back to her roots.


This however was easier said than done. As Nancy made the decision to pursue her passion for art, she found that she had to work to overcome “the starving artist mentality” that had been ingrained in her subconscious mind for years, if she wanted to be truly successful in this field.

Through hard work and persistence and working with some of the best coaches and brilliant business minds in the world she has been able to overcome her limiting beliefs and has developed top strategies on how you can convert your hobby into a passion filled successful international.

Nancy Olliver, now shares her wisdom with fellow artists, on how to avoid the starving artist mentality, capitalize on revenue streams most artists usually miss and how to avoid the pit falls artists traditionally experience while living life to its fullest.