The Mosaic Mermaid at Jewelry Affaire!

Hi Guys! I am so excited and wanted to share some awesome news with you all. I have been published in the Art industry in a beautiful major publication called “Jewelry Affaire”. I have attached a copy of the cover. The article is called “From Broken to Beautiful”. It is available at BAM, Barnes and all major craft stores. I hope you enjoy it ♥   Click here to read the full article BrokentoBeautiful


On The Road This Summer!

Hi ladies! We are taking our Mosaic Mermaid Workshop series on the road this summer! We will be hitting several major cities on the East Coast from Florida to NY. If you would like to be considered to host one of these fabulous and exciting workshops, please email  me at [email protected] as soon as you can. This is a chance to take one of The Mosaic Mermaid’s Workshops in person right in your own back yard (possibly literally)!

Here are some testimonials from past workshops:

I took Nancy’s mosaic art class 2 years ago. It was such an amazing experience. Nancy has a special gift for teaching. She shows you step by step how to create a beautiful piece of art that brings that inner artist out. Nancy’s passion for art really shows in her instruction. While I was designing my picture frame, she was able to guide me in a way that allowed me to express my creativity. I highly recommend Nancy’s class. It’s a great environment for relaxation and fun. I was proud of the piece of art I created and gave it to my mom for Mother’s Day with a picture of us from the beach. I can’t wait to take another one !” –Jennifer Cline


After a long search online looking for an intensive mosaic artists workshop I came upon the work of Nancy Oliver at the Mosaic Mermaid. Her workmanship and creative flair stood out to me and so I made the plans to study with her for 6 days in November of 2012. Right away her professionalism shone through ! She sent me a detailed itinerary of our week together and answered any questions I had. She even prepared a comprehensive tool kit for me so that I would have the tools to take home with me after the session was over. This was something I really appreciated! Paying for the class was also smooth and problem free! As questions for me popped up Nancy was quick to reply with all the answers I needed! It was a good feeling to start a new endeavour like this, which can often be stressful enough in itself, with no hassles!

From the moment I arrived I was so impressed with Nancy’s knowledge and ability to explain things to me. It was obvious to me that she had immense experience , peppered with her edgy “out of the box” creativity….learning the techniques was all the more easier because of her cheery, positive and bubbly nature.

In a short period of time she managed to keep us right on track and cover everything on our schedule (and MORE as we even squeezed in an morning flea market shop to help school me on how to hunt for treasures used in projects)

I was pleased that i got the opportunity to learn so many of the hands-on techniques used in mosaic work. It far exceeded what knowledge I’d acquire in this small time together.

I would recommend Nancy’s workshop to anyone without hesitation! She was a pleasure and an inspiration to work with. She encouraged me to find my own talents and to experiment freely while I was with her! Any nervousness or worry I came with was quickly diffused by her warm loving nature and her very apparent savvy skills.

This lady has it all and anyone who has the chance to study with her …needs to!!  It will equip them with so much knowledge and wonderful memories! I treasure my time with Nancy and plan to work with her again! –Lisa Sherman-Shamray


You Can succeed.2013

Tampa Marchworkshop

Tampa Mosaic Mermaid Mirror Class on March 16th Great Mother’s Day Gift


Hey guys this is the style of Mosaic Mirror we will be making at the workshop on Saturday In Tampa.We still have a few spots left for anyone wanting to join us for a day of mosaic fun in Tampa. All seats are $75.00, but you can do a Mommie and me for $125.00. (School age kids please)

Spots are filling up fast. The details for the event are below.
You can also contact me @ 813.817.5314 or email [email protected]

Click on the link below to register


Is Your Authenticity Misunderstood?

Many of you may not know that I have been a nurse for over 31 years and it is a huge part of my heart. Sometimes as you will see, a huge part of my broken heart. With that said, I wanted to share with you something I was going through for the last couple of weeks.

I left my leadership position at Moffitt Cancer Center in June of 2011 for a simpler life that would let me develop my art business full time. At this time I had no intention of retiring my nursing career, but just taking a step back and working PRN in some sort of a PT supervisor or PRN position. Well long story short, when I arrived at my new house at the beach expecting to start a new PT job the next day I found out the position was no longer available. That was okay, I have been a nurse for 30 years, so what was the big deal, I’d figure something out. So I went to work for USF as an adjunct clinical instructor, but that too was short lived, as I was replaced by someone on the staff of the hospital I was teaching at. Dag! What was up? I continued to apply for staff positions, probably close to 75 and worked occasionally at a local agency at a crisis center. (Something I have never done before.) I was continually told that I had been away from the bedside for too long. It didn’t matter that I was teaching accelerated students at a major University. It was a very hard year for me. I felt constantly rejected and didn’t understand what was going on. So I decided I would really concentrate on my art business and have been going at it full force for the last year. I have reinvented myself and changed directions a few times but I am responsible for where I am. Then recently I was asked to apply for a nurse manager position at the Crisis Center I work at for the agency. I was honored and excited that I was that well received and went ahead with the process. I had an awesome first interview and really felt that the position was mine to refuse. They called and were discussing money, but I was having a hard time feeling excited about it for more then 10 minutes. I was questioning why I even applied. Logically there were several reasons, It was steady income, it would give me a chance to re-validate myself as a professional leader and would make the staff happy. These may all sound like good reasons but none were resonating with my soul. After spending the weekend with some of the most wisdom filled gals during my 4 hour drive home I had to ask myself, what will I do if they give me the exact money and schedule I want? I was forced to be honest with myself and admit that this wasn’t for me and that I was denying myself happiness because of the fear of failure. I wasn’t being honest with myself and had applied for all the wrong reasons. I had to learn to trust my intuition and the direction I know GOD has for my life. So I withdrew my app. The very next day a tremendous door opened for me in my ART business. If I had been motivated by fear instead of faith I would have continued to be hurt by that which I love instead of using this experience to step into my power.

After this experience I was exhausted but wanted to create something for you. I wanted to come up with something that we could all do together. I was too tired to do a mosaic so I did a mixed media project from a calendar page on my desk and called it ” Days of my Life” It tells a story. If you like this idea and would like to participate in this monthly online class just drop me a note and let me know.

I hope all of you learn to live by your spirit and intuition. Art helps me be in touch with this side of myself. It has the power to move you through times of pain and bring you into your authentic self.

        Love Nancy

Pique Assiette: Fun and Art Rolled Into One

Pique Assiette, known as shard arts, is a very popular folk art style of mosaics. In French, pique assiette literally means “stolen from plates”. This kind of art incorporates recycled bits of broken china, porcelain, ceramic tile pottery, stoneware and found objects that are used to make one-of-a-kind and eye- catching art creations.


Pique assiette was originally presented by Raymond Edouard Isidore.  He was recognized as the French pique assiette father. Now, you might wonder how he achieved this title. The answer is simple yet truly amazing. He covered his entire house and garden with mosaics of broken glass and crockery. Imagine that!

 Raymond Eduoard Isidore never considered himself as an artist. He was a graveyard sweeper by day. He lived in Chartres, which is located in the northern part of France. Every time he walked home, Isidore picked broken pieces of glass and crockery for his home masterpiece. For 30 years, it was his obsession. His entire house, inside and out, including the garden were decorated and designed with mosaic. They say that his bed sheets were the only thing in their home that was not touched by mosaic. The home now serves as a public museum.


 Some people may assume that pique assiette is a very difficult and laborious work of art to learn. Yes, making pique assiette is an art. Don’t be scared though if you have never done any art projects before as pique assiette is simple to learn and anyone can do it. It is a great way to explore the artistic and creative side out of you. Time seems to fly by as you get lost in your art while applying different types of shards to your masterpiece. The next thing you’ll know, your whole house is covered; well maybe in your mind’s eye you see it that way.

 With its unique and extraordinary appearance, there is no wonder why pique assiette has become a sensation once again. There are several stores selling assembly line pieces of pique assiette, but nothing will compare to what you can make on your own. So why not give it a try? Why buy someone else’s when you can make your art?

 Making a pique assiette does not require you to be an established artist or have any previous experience with mosaic. Believe me, I have taught hundreds of students and you won’t be required to have done a single mosaic ever in your life to create a masterpiece. All you need to do to be successful is to gather the materials you need, have a vast and colorful imagination, and let your hands do the magic for you.


Free Event Tickets!

Hey Guys there are still a few FREE tickets left for the on Feb 22nd.
I am looking for ladies that are artists, crafters or have business ideas that they need help developing, that would love to participate.

For attending the conference my 10 Mermaid Menties will be receiving a swag bag worth over hundreds of dollars, including a one of a kind Soulrageous Mosaic Mermaid Necklace that will only be created for the 10 guests at my table ( and my self of course). Also included will be free seats in my upcoming events and a free diagnostic of your creative business.

Oh did I tell you I am being published in Jewelry affaire magazine this Spring and you may be able to twist my arm and get some of my secrets from me on how I did it if you come.

If you or any of your Artsy Craftsy Girls would be excited about spending the day with me or any of the other 30 mentors please let me know. I have 4 seats available right now. But if you have more then that interested please let me know ASAP and I may be able to make arrangements with the event coordinator. It’s not too late but don’t waste anytime..

Please email me at  [email protected]
Also, visit

Best Regards,

Nancy Olliver

Turn Your Brokenness to Beautiful


I know I talk about the spender of taking broken things and turning them into something beautiful all the time. It’s what I do, It’s what I’ve always done whether it was as a nurse through healing, through loving peoples souls back to wholeness or as an artist in the reheirlooming™ process.

However, Today I though I would address the brokenness we all experience and acknowledge that I know it exists. It isn’t just a metaphor for mosaic, but it is real and it is painful and we all have some in our lives in one way or another, even if we don’t publicly admit it. Sometimes the pain that goes along with being broken is unbearable, we think it will never go away. Or an old pain decides to poke its nasty head up for no apparent reason and try to strangle you all over again with it’s nasty grip. Maybe you walked into a room and found the only piece of your late mother’s china laying crashed on the floor, the love of your life walks out on you, you lose your job, or it could be something much simpler that causes you pain, to be shattered, fall apart and come unglued.


For me recently I experienced one of those moments when I thought I lost my Nanny’s hair teaser. I know… a hair teaser, what the heck, right? But it had meaning to me and is a piece of my past that fits beautifully into the memories I enjoy. It is a piece of her that is still alive in my heart and mind and hand when I do my hair up. For a few minutes I was devastated, I felt like I had lost her all over again. I laid on my bed and sobbed. The emotional attachment I had formed had been shattered.

I know in my logical mind that it is only a hair teaser and even though I surround my self with beautiful things, I developed the attitude many years ago that broken or missing things can usually be reheirloomed™ into something beautiful or be replaced. Come on that’s what I do, I know this, but that’s not how my heart felt at that moment. I felt broken.


The process from broken to beauty can be long and frustrating and again painful at the very deepest levels of our souls. We have to realize that someone else has been through the same pain before and can offer us an instruction guide through wisdom and experience if we will seek it out.

The Master Artist has a plan that if we will follow it we can achieve this magnificent transformation of turning the broken into beautiful, but only if we refuse to quit. We have to gather all the broken pieces and tools that we need to complete the restoration process. We have to have a goal, but not limit ourselves with a deadline or time frame, and be willing to put in the time as long as it takes to complete the process, the truth is, some are never completed but are in a perpetual process of becoming and will become masterpieces that evolve over your life-time.


As we gather the pieces together we need to decide which ones we are keeping and which ones are too damaged to put back together or just need to be discarded. We don’t need to keep all the broken stuff. Some are too raggedy and ugly and just need to be tossed in the trash.

After we have gathered our broken pieces, then let’s find bright new shining whole things that our soul gravitates toward to ignite what is taking place within our masterpiece. The new additions will make the beautiful reclaimed pieces shine more beautifully. They form a symbiotic relationship. Apart they were broken or nice but together they have the potential for magnificence! You may notice that even after the collection process that you have to nip, cut and make adjustments regularly for all your pieces to fit together as you picture them in your mind’s eye. But believe me, they will eventually fit together like a nice big puzzle. But also like a puzzle, be aware that your work is fragile and one wrong move and it could be in a thousand pieces all over again unless you decide to glue it together.

As you select glue to hold all the pieces you have collected together, be sure to select the one that is right for your masterpiece. Sometimes this is only achieved through trial and error. I have created works of art beyond what I though possible, only to watch them crumble under the pressure of the baking hot Florida sun or frigid NJ winter. This is life. We often put all those pieces back together and think it’s all cohesive and beautiful and then it falls apart again. So again, chose wisely the foundation and the glue that you create your reheirlooming™ process on. It has to be able to change with the seasons and still stand strong.

I know you are thrilled now, you have all your broken pieces collected, applied them to a hopefully strong solid foundation, they are glued down and your life is beginning to look more beautiful. There is light at the end of the tunnel. It is here at this point where most people stop dead in their tracks including me my friends. It’s been a difficult process, so much hard work has been completed, but the beauty is starting to manifest through the exhaustion. Oh what a relief. Turning broken into beautiful is so rewarding but not for the faint of heart. You can now see the completed masterpiece in your mind’s eye. Nice!

Wait, stop, that thinking, it’s not done yet. It’s not secure. There’s nothing to hold it together. The glue can dry rot, it can get wet and all your pieces fall off from the freezing temperature of a winter season. Bad weather can destroy your work of art and then all the hard work you have done up to this point will look like it was in vain. After you have built it once and it falls apart, you will be less inclined to try and put it back together again because of limiting beliefs you have created along the way. It will simply sit in your shed with all the other discarded and broken items never having the chance to shine as the masterpiece you have put your heart and soul into creating. My friend let’s refuse to even consider this as an option. However, I want you to beware of the process and the possibilities that can put your beautiful reheirlooming™ process to a complete halt if you are not aware and prepared. Please don’t be dismayed or disheartened. Let’s simply stop, regroup and apply the grout now before the bad weather has a chance to set in our souls!


The grout will keep everything together. It will add structure, protection and strength to your evolving masterpiece, but it still doesn’t have the power to do it alone. So after you clean your piece up from the application of the messy grout, by wiping and polishing off the haze until it shines bright, you’ll need to safeguard it by adding a sealer, thereby protecting your masterpiece from the unpredictable seasons of life. It doesn’t mean that the seasons won’t change as they always do, because there is only one constant in life and that is GOD’s love for us, everything else is constantly changing. We can’t stop change and hopefully don’t want to because there is tremendous beauty and opportunity for growth through change, but we can influence how much of the changing of seasons we experience negatively effects us, by surrounding those beautiful, beautiful pieces of our past with something strong to protect and nurture with them for the future. As the grout hardens it provides significant overall strength and protection from the elements. Simply put, it helps your structure to stand strong.

The beauty you have created from the brokenness of the past will stand as an heirloom and legacy for generations to come. Stand back and enjoy it. Celebrate what you have been able to create and share the message that “It doesn’t matter how broken you are, what really matters is how you put the pieces back together.”

You are a Masterpiece!


Daily Inspirations: Canvas

Your life is a blank canvass waiting for you to paint on. Pick up your brush today! -Nancy Olliver

Daily Inspirations: Broken and Beautiful

Find your beauty through your brokenness. –Nancy Olliver