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I am Back

I am Back

I Have Missed You so Much
As many of you know I have been nearly MIA for about 3 years now since I launched our chalk paint powder company, Poppie’s! Can I please be brutally honest with you? While I love Poppie’s and know beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s the best product on the market, I really miss helping people create beauty from brokenness more then you can imagine.
So what’s the solution? I have a very profitable company, that I love, but it’s not the same.


I am so Blessed to have been giving many talents and abilities and don’t take the responsibility lightly. I truly believe “to whom much is given much is required” .
My SOUL has been yearning my dear friends to connect with you all again just like we use on a deep soulular level. So I know for me to be able to do this I have to figure out how I can move all these wonderful things I have for you under one umbrella. After thinking long and hard on this all year, I realized this isn’t something I can do alone. So to have something I have never had, I realize I have to do something I have never done. I hired a business coach.

“I Hired a Creative Coach”

I am so SUPER excited about this. She totally knew where I was coming from and what I needed to do just 5 minutes into our first call today. I am more excited then I have been in a couple years!! We are discussing a bunch of possibilities, including virtual mosaic, jewelry and furniture painting classes.

I can tell you this much, everything will be housed under one umbrella and will definitely be doing a mosaic retreat in the Spring. But since I will be relaunching I wanted to ask you what do you feel would benefit you the most in developing your creative spirit?
“What do you feel would benefit you most??”
I hope you don’t mind that I will be staying in touch a little more frequently over the next few months until I get this transition complete. Please take a minute and write me back and let me know what just what you would love to see me offer at that will help you the most. I will also be sending out a survey, so would you please watch out for that too?
So until we meet or talk again, I pray blessings on you.

My Highest Regards, Nancy

Don’t Be Stubborn Like Me and Miss Your Internal Spark.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.28.08 AM

So I have to briefly talk to you guys about something that happened to me yesterday. My husband Rob and I are planning a trip in October to go to NJ to his baby brothers wedding. We are very excited about it, he’s marrying a lovely girl and it will be incredible to see Fall again. Its been a long time for us and additionally, it’s my favorite season.

Well I spent over an hour trying to book tickets a few nights ago with no success and then finally said” I am going to bed this is crazy”. Every selection I was making was coming back and saying not available, yet looked available on other sites.

So the next night I pulled them up on my iPad and went to pay, and for what ever reason, I just got this feeling oh “Ill wait to tomorrow” when I get home from work and do it on the computer.


So then again yesterday, I go ahead and pull it up on my phone while on my lunch break while teaching and got this grinding screech in my gut! I questioned it at first, it was so familiar and then it became so clear “this is a check in your spirit girl”. It feels like nothing else ever in my life!

When ever I feel this way, I have always tried to common sense it out of my head. I question and whine to myself and think things like, oh GOD don’t care about this or that. I can’t tell you how many times I have embarrassedly been WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! And then I have had to live with the consequences of my decision, sometimes for years for not following the direction or guidance that is put there for me.

So can any of you guess what happened? I walk in the door from work and Robbie says, “ you wont believe this, my boss is taking that same week off”. I start immediately praising GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT for the “unction of the function” as we call the prompting of the HOLY SPIRIT around here. Then I gave myself a little pat on the back too, for not missing HIS prompting this time!!

We both know that some way it will work out and we’ll get to that wedding and my first family reunion ever that we are hosting 2 days later.

So please when you have that stirring or nagging, for me it is right in my gut, when you go to do something, just take a step back and wait, even when it makes no sense to do so. Respect the prompting, what ever your beliefs may be, It is put there to lead and guide us and many times help us out of situations we can’t change.

5 Quick Tips For Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page For Lasting Impact

Want to have a lasting impact on your Facebook Business Page?
Then take a look at my new post ; 5 Quick Tips For Setting Up Your Facebook Business page For Lasting Impact.

Lets have a serious chat for a few minutes here. I know we are all at different levels of building our creative businesses and have different levels of knowledge. But there are a few basics that we all would benefit from knowing, and doing to help us build the business of our dreams. I know it is very hard to do it all, so by getting a few things right, right out of the gate you will create a community that can turn into a lasting legacy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 2.16.51 PM

1. You need a Facebook business page.

2. The page represents you and what you do. Your Brand. Unless your business is huge and a national brand like Plaid Paint you should use your name for the page.

3. You want to have a picture of yourself in the profile pic section , not your logo. People buy from people not logos.

4. Showcase your business on the cover. You want it to look professional. Make it clear what you do for the person who just lands on your page. I recommend using a app like You can use it on your phone. pad or desk top. The have templates for all types of social media so you don’t have to worry about the sizing. 90% of what they offer is free.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 1.50.31 PM

5. Be sure to fill in all of the “About” sections on your page. This is where you put your MVP. Your mission, vision and purpose. Yes you need one of these. People want to know your story! Everybody has a story. You have a story to tell, and thats what people connect with. They will be coming back to you and referring to you because they love you, as well as your work. But the truth is there are thousands of furniture painters, but only one you. Its really you that they are coming back for.

Your gifts are what set you apart from everyone else, so share that story and have people fall in love with the magnificent you that you are!

And Always Remember my personal message to you
” It doesn’t matter how broke or broken you are, what really matters is how you put the pieces back together”

God Bless You! Nancy

Are You Feeling Sad That You Are So Sad?

If you are thinking this is another one of those Happy,Happy, Joy,Joy posts; it’s not so you can keep on reading. Needless to say though, I am so grateful for so many things that my LORD has done for me, however I Know that there are thousands of you out there suffering today and you are trying to put on a happy face, as I have so many times in my own life in the past. I know you are missing your families who may live far away, missing your loved ones that have passed before you, or some of you may be experiencing financial problems and debt as my husband and I had over the past few years and are too ashamed to admit it because that’s not what winners do, I could go on and on.

Broken hearted you are trying to put on a Happy Face for this day of gratefulness, because you know that you are supposed to be happy, but inside you are drowning in all sorts of grief.

Today I am giving you permission to stop living by the checklist of what and who you should be, and be who you are and feel how you feel, what I am offering you is a chance to be authentic. It is okay to feel alone or broken hearted for a season, but not forever. We as American’s truly do have so much to be thankful for and I praise GOD all day for the chance to serve him and love his people one more day and that’s what I am doing right here, right now.

I am loving you! Despite your brokenness, I love you right where you are. You might be thinking “ she don’t know me that well” “how can she love me?” Well my friend, I can and do love you, you see the Father of all love has given me a heart for you because his Son Jesus and Holy Sprit dwell deeply and richly in me. They love me despite my imperfections and I want you to know that they love you as well. They are available for you in your deepest darkest hour. Just call out to GOD and he will show up. He will meet you right where you are and he is always on time, even though it may not feel like it sometimes.

So if you are feeling sad, that you are sad, then get happy because you no longer have to feel sad that you are sad! Be yourself and make the commitment that this Thanksgiving is going to be the springboard to the best rest of your life that you could ever imagine!

Remember my Friends, it doesn’t matter how broke or broken you are, what really matters is how you put the pieces back together”. Let’s start reheirlooming you a life of abundant joy today!

In Christ Service, Nancy

Building Your Personal Sanctuary

Is there a place a sacred place where God meets you? Is there a place that you are most vulnerable and ready to receive what he wants you to hear, a place where you have to let your worldly defenses and guards down? A place you are most vulnerable? A place where you can receive what you need to move on to become the best you that you know He wants you to be?


Are you running from this place, or maybe you just don’t know where it is yet. Are you letting the things of this world keep you from this place? Where is it my friend and why aren’t you going there regularly? Why are you keeping God from moving you past your present circumstance and moving into his Grace and Glory by denying your self the pleasure of his company and receiving His Mercy and Grace that so freely reign on us?


Maybe you have to push through to go there, maybe there is physical pain, emotional pain, you may be tired and exhausted, but I believe there is a special place on this earth where you can connect with Him at a deep spiritual and soulyoular™ level. A place He wants to walk and run with you a place where he will shower you with His love, reveal his plans for your life, your day your every waking moment. A place where you can go to learn to forgive, heal, laugh and cry.


When I step my foot on my Nordic track in the early morning my first thought is “Oh Jesus Walk with me” and he meets me there every time. “In his presence there is peace and rain, there is life that never ends. In his presence there is joy, there is life that never ends. How I need him”. He is the reason I come alive each and everyday!! He is my source of strength and joy!!!


There is nothing in this world that can replace the glory of spending time in His presence. If you are searching and don’t have a sacred place to spend time with him alone, ask him to show you what you need to do to find that secret place. While I know He is with me constantly, some of the places I have met God over the years for personal time with Him, have been while walking in the woods, running at the beach, my hour long commute to work, presently on my Nordic track on my back porch, but it has rarely been inside my home. I have to disconnect from my physical house because I am so easily distracted, but you may be different you may have a little area somewhere in your home you can sit and get in His presence. My friend again, what ever you have to do, just do it! Your life will never be the same!

DSC_0480In Christ Love, Nancy

fancyWe have to be so careful to not take for granted the things we should be grateful for. As I was looking around my beautiful palour this morning I started feeling , ugggg its piling up again. I immediately snapped myself back in line because it is because I got the desire of my heart that it is piling up. We are getting ready for The Fancy Flea in a couple of months and will be the featured paint vendor! Wow! This still blows my mind. I know I love being self employed and doing what I do, but sometimes have to remind myself that this is part of the package. I praise GOD for for my blessings everyday, but have to remind my self consciously to keep the mindset of gratefulness.

Broken isn’t Just a Metaphor for Mosaic


I know I talk about the splender of taking broken things and turning them into something beautiful all the time. It’s what I do, It’s what I’ve always done whether it was as a nurse through healing, through loving peoples souls back to to wholeness or as an artist in the reheirlooming process. However, today I though I would address the brokeness we all experience and acknowledge that I know it exists. It isn’t just a metaphor for mosaic, but it is real and it is painful and we all have some in our lives in one way or another, even if we don’t publicly admit it. Sometimes the pain that goes along with being broken is unbearable, we think it will never go away. Or an old pain decides to poke it’s nasty head up for no apparent reason and try to strangle you all over again with it’s nasty grip. Maybe you walked into a room and found the only piece of your late mother’s china laying crashed on the floor, the love of your life walks out on you, you lose your job, or it could be something much simpler that causes you pain, to be shattered, fall apart and come unglued. These are all things that can cause us to be broken.


 But remember “that it doesn’t matter how broken you are, what really matters is how you put the pieces back together.


Mosaic has a way of mending our souls in a way that is almost indescribable. It is healing and nuturing. Join me for the Mosaic Memory Bunny Girl Retreat on March 14-16 to experience how broken can be turned to beautiful.


Love, Nancy

I Really Felt Short Changed Today

stock-footage-hands-counting-change-money-isolated-on-black-background-hd-video-xWell I started out wanting to write a post and complain about a situation I had today where I paid for something and didn’t feel as if I got any value from it. I started trying to convince myself that It may have been worth it. I was feeling bad and cheated, let down. Maybe I expected too much. These were my thoughts

initially, but this isn’t how I like to roll.

So I better give you a little back story to this to understand my mindset at this very moment. This has been a wonderfully hard year so far. I have had growth that I didn’t even have any idea that I needed and believe me it’s a lot of work. As of late, the LORD has been working on me in many areas of my life and it just keeps coming like snowballs in a good old fashion snowball fight. One after the other plopping me right upside my big redhead!

He has showed me how to change small things, like my words and thoughts, which are making big differences in my life and those around me. He is guiding me by the hand to walk by faith and not by sight. There are things that make no sense at all to me, but I am trusting him and moving forward in faith and know that this is part of the process to be obedient. I so long to hear his plans and purpose for my life and am determined to lead a Spirit led life. The past few days he has been dealing with me about my level of Gratitude.

Honestly, I have to admit to you all that it has sucked and not just a little bit. I won’t go into details now and will share at some other time but I am grateful beyond belief that I continually walk in His grace and forgiveness. I am so rich, beyond my wildest dreams already. I have been so blessed; have had so many opportunities it’s nothing short of amazing. I have been surrounded by amazing people and have had the privilege to call many of them my very best and trusted friends. And for this I am tremendously grateful.

While that’s the great news, the down side if there is one, is a responsibility to keep growing, so I am committed to keep raising the bar by continuing to grow which led to the position I found myself in earlier today and so back to my initial statement. The incredible people I surround myself with always add tremendous value for their clients and this has grown to be my norm. So when I was so disappointed in a purchase I made, I prayed, “LORD you have to show me what the blessing is in this” because I just couldn’t imagine giving so little. And the blessing is that he revealed to me, how absolutely incredibly I have been blessed. That I have taken so much for granted and exceptionalism has become my norm.Unknown2

Wow!!!! What an awesome GOD I serve. He turned my thoughts of feeling cheated, lack and scarcity over the peanuts I thought I lost into a tremendous richness and abundance for what I already have. I would say that I surely made a great investment today wouldn’t you? I am so grateful that He is always right on time, meets me right where I am and always knows just what I need and works all thing’s to my greater good because I love HIM and am called according to his purpose! Being a follower of CHRIST isn’t just about going to church, it is about a personal relationship. The deepest and most fulfilling relationship I have ever had and it gets better each and every day! I can’t imagine living life any other way.

Again he shows me“ It doesn’t matter how broken you are, what really matter’s is how you put the pieces back together” Praise JESUS.



Who Says You Have to Stay Positive?

I know many of you are reading a lot of posts these days about staying positive or being positive and the only type of stuff going through your head is stuff like; How can I stay positive I feel like crap or how can I stay positive I am flat broke. You get the idea; you recognize your own speech in these phrases.

final offer

Well my friend, I have to tell you that you don’t have to stay positive, but if you want something to change in your life then you have to change something you’re doing and the words you speak are a good place to start. The words we speak are life giving words or life taking words. The world was formed by the spoken word. Now talk about the power to achieve by speaking.

Now I know a bunch of you are now saying, but how do I speak positive words when I feel so depressed or like crap? Well I learned a little phrase from my Pastor that I think could change your life as it has mine that I am going to share with you.

When you get a thought and are ready to speak it ask yourself if you could attach to the end of the phrase “because that’s how I want it” or “that’s the way I want it”. So if you are going to say “my kids are monsters” to your girlfriend think in your head before you speak “my kids are monsters and that’s the way I want it” before you speak. Now is that what you really want? If it isn’t then you could just not say it or check yourself by attaching the phrase. Can you see where you can apply this to everything you speak?

So I know your next question is going to be “ well then what in the world do I say, because they really are monsters”? Well short of giving you my whole parenting course that we will have save for another time, the answer is simple. Take the time to reframe your thoughts, then your words. You may say to your friend, “gees these kids really were acting like monsters the whole holiday break, but I am confident that they are becoming better and better behaved each and everyday”. Can you see where this will make a difference?

If we change our words we have the power to change our world.