No Such Thing as Normal in a Creative Business

What does a Normal Life mean to you? So many of us frequently start to think about the grass being greener in a “normal” life when we are in a fall or winter season of our creative business. I think we need to define and accept what “normal” is for us to be able to come to peace with our present day and move on with an abundant life we were destined to live. It’s always going to be changing and that’s truly what you want. With change comes new life. Your creative business is a living breathing thing that’s evolving daily. What do you think?

Let the Beauty We Love Be What We Do

Let the Beauty we Love Be What we Do


I love this Rumi quote. It always makes me think about being a creative business owner. Sadly, living that life we dream of,  isn’t always as easy as just saying a quote like this to create the life we long for. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that each and everyone of us are filled with  the sparks of greatness that will enable us to do and be what ever we put our mind to . What I am really saying is that many of us have really big dreams and don’t feel like we have or are achieving them up to this point in our lives. The feeling of underachieving or failure that you feel is a big stumbling block on the road to success for you if it’s what you concentrate on. Believe me, I have huge dreams too so I understand!

 I am asking you to give your self some grace. There are so many factors that have to come together for any and every level of success to be achieved. Far too much to talk about for a post here.  I want to encourage you to actively focus with your minds eye, on just exactly what it is that you desire. Keep it in focus and make small little steps toward it each and everyday that you can. One of the things that has enhanced my life beyond measure has been to learn to enjoy my creative journey. Yes I am serious. Every step and attempt at something changes my course just a we tiny bit and  always brings me closer to where I am ultimately going. I pray you can enjoy your journey too just as I do. Sometimes the journey gives us new dreams and thats super fun too. I had to develop the habit of not letting what I haven’t achieved yet, keep me from getting what I desire. 

Is It a Problem When We Look at Customers as Dollar Signs?

Live freely, animated and motivated by God’s Spirit.

Do you ever feel like you are going against the loving nature of your heart when you are at an event selling your creations or prospecting for customers ? I suffered with this for years building different businesses, especially building my former network marketing based business. I struggled severely with the feeling that I needed certain people to reach the income goals I set. I felt like I would look at my customers and reps as $$$$$. This same thing happened when I was on the art show circuit. It was nearly impossible for me to find a balance at that time. I was doing something I started out loving, but ended up preferring to shoot my self in the foot rather then do another art or craft show. What was this problem rooted and grounded in. I had no idea at the time so I quit the circuit and started teaching full time. But this is what Galatians says about it

““ My counsel is this: Live freely, animated and motivated by God’s Spirit. Then you won’t feed the compulsions of selfishness. For there is a root of sinful self-interest in us that is at odds with a free spirit, just as the free spirit is incompatible with selfishness. These two ways of life are antithetical, so that you cannot live at times one way and at times another way according to how you feel on any given day. Why don’t you choose to be led by the Spirit and so escape the erratic compulsions of a law-dominated existence?” Galatians 5:16-18 MSG

So what can we really do about this? How do we overcome it in real life? I personally had to take a break from it. I learned that, that particular business model didn’t work for me. I also realized that when ever I look to man instead of God, that they become the center of my attention and desire and not Him. He is my provider, not any particular person. It was helpful for me to have a steady source of income as I have built my businesses. I am very fortunate to have a profession that I also love, that more then covers my financial needs. You have to decide and only you and God and the lading of the Holy Spirit know what’s right for you. I have many friends and associates that work best when under pressure and overcome all the odds against them. Remember, we are all different. So my friends, if you find yourself looking at your customers as dollar signs, take that as a sign that something in your life has to change. You are not a horrible person. It has happened to the best of us. Give yourself a whole bunch of grace, take a breath and come up with some other ways to restructure and reach your hearts desire. I love you! Nancy This is why many of us believe we have a hard time selling our wares.

Sharing Your Creative Gifts with Confidence

If you share from your heart, you can be confident that you have the ability to accomplish what HE needs you to do.
As a Creative Christian business woman I have questioned myself on several ocassions in the past about whether the pursuit of my business or art career was serving GOD or myself. I would ask myself do my desires match HIS purpose for my life. Am I serving HIM through what I do? Am I and what I do good enough to serve HIS people?
Well there is no guilt and condemnation in CHRIST JESUS my friend. GOD has bestowed upon you and me beautiful gifts and they are meant to be shared. Guilt and condemnation are not from GOD, because no bad thing comes from HIM.
Don’t compare your self to others. You are more then enough. It doesn’t matter what your gifts are, whether it’s playing the piano, painting a picture of someones love one that has passed away or the best cookie baker in the world you a valuable and loved daughter of THE KING. Use your talent and gifts today in a way that serves HIM and fulfills your hearts desire. If you share from your heart, you can be confident that you have the ability to accomplish what HE needs you to do.
In Christ Service, Nancy
Matthew 20:28  Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

More Then Just an Art Workshop!


It was 14 and a half years ago that the “Broken to Beautiful” retreat was dropped into my heart during a drastically life changing experience. I was sitting on the back of my truck and working on a mosaic paper towel holder at a campground on the Tennessee river and GOD started pouring a divine revelation into my heart. Prior to this I had been a Mosaic teacher for a few years, but had been drawn to making beautiful out of broken pretty much my entire life. I loved it and was drawn to this as a lifestyle for as long as I could remember.


At the time of my divine revelation I was really broken. My marriage had fallen apart and we were living separately.  I had developed anxiety attacks after a failed reconciliation and was trying to find my way in the world as a non-divorced single Christian gal and didn’t like where any of it was going. So what’d I do? I took off on a month long pilgrimage of sorts and thats where I met GOD that day on the back of my truck. 

HE showed me that if I had faith HE would take all the brokenness of the past and create a beautiful treasure from my life just like I do with mosaic.

As I was gluing each broken treasured piece of vintage broken china on that heart( how ironic right?) the divine downloads were being dumped on me one after another, This knowledge I was receiving was about how we all are broken.  He showed me that mosaic is a metaphor for life and how we can turn broken to beautiful, just as Christ has restored us through the Cross. With every single piece I applied, my faith expanded and I developed vision and hope that I, and our marriage would be made whole again. During the next few years I stood and walked this truth and I am blessed and fortunate to share with you today that  my husband and I have been transformed from shattered  to restored, reconciled and in love all over again for nearly 12 years. Praise God!!!!!!

HE showed me that if I had faith HE would take all the brokenness of the past and create a beautiful treasure from my life just like I do with mosaic. I also accepted the assignment to help others turn their lives from broken to beautiful on that journey . 

 I  would love to share with you some of these treasures  that HE  gifted on me and I received through grace on that hot summer day in Scottsboro Alabama on my pilgrimage.


There is a healing aspect to mosaic that I can not explain. I truly believe that it is from above.

I feel honored to have been entrusted to share with others how to take broken pieces of your past and transform them into masterpieces. This reHeirlooming process is much deeper then just the beautiful piece you will create if you choose to join me for this retreat, it is soul transforming. Believe me when I tell you, I have never been the same since that day on the back of my truck. I knew mosaic had a special place in my heart, but I just thought I liked it more then any other art medium. Also remarkable is my belief that if I had not been away from my normal environment, I doubt that I would have ever received the knowledge I needed to share this with you.

If you are looking for an experience that will change your life, this is the retreat for you. No experience needed. Just bring your broken treasures and your open heart and we will craft together a mosaic masterpiece that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

I promise you that it will be more then a workshop guaranteed. However, because it is more then a workshop I feel the need to clarify a few things for you so you know just exactly what you should and shouldn’t expect..

More then Just an Art Workshop

What It Is: A time to get together with like minded ladies and create a mosaic masterpiece while sharing and caring for each other.

It is a safe and private space and you will be honored.  You will learn how to turn broken to beautiful. I will share my journey from broken to beautiful as I am lead to do so.

Fear Not My Sweet

What this Isn’t; this retreat isn’t a one of those retreats that are psycho/social in nature. You will not be forced to share your deepest secrets. I say this because while I was carrying so much brokenness, I would avoid events or experiences where I thought I had to share things that weren’t meant to be shared. Not every life experience needs to be shared. Only those that you feel like would benefit you or others is what I believe should be shared. No one will make you uncomfortable.

If you are feeling drawn to this, but are doubtful, scared or downing yourself or would love to come but don’t have all the money right now, please email me and we will set up a call to address what ever is putting these thoughts of unbelief in your mind.  If it’s on your mind and heart to be here then we will help you find a way.

This is not a hard sell letter. It’s my heart and life’s mission sharing with you one of my biggest purposes on this earth. If you would love to have more details on this 4 day Art-cation Adventure with me please go to the event webpage and check it out right here.
Because you are a loyal Mosaic Mermaid fan, you are receiving this email before this is released to anyone else.

The Fancy Flea

I am so excited to have the opportunity to be teaming up with The Fancy Flea’s Lori Powell to offer you a Chalk Painting experience of a lifetime at The Rocking H Ranch in lakeland florida.

Click right now to get all the details and a seat when they are still available.

I am Back

I am Back

I Have Missed You so Much
As many of you know I have been nearly MIA for about 3 years now since I launched our chalk paint powder company, Poppie’s! Can I please be brutally honest with you? While I love Poppie’s and know beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s the best product on the market, I really miss helping people create beauty from brokenness more then you can imagine.
So what’s the solution? I have a very profitable company, that I love, but it’s not the same.


I am so Blessed to have been giving many talents and abilities and don’t take the responsibility lightly. I truly believe “to whom much is given much is required” .
My SOUL has been yearning my dear friends to connect with you all again just like we use on a deep soulular level. So I know for me to be able to do this I have to figure out how I can move all these wonderful things I have for you under one umbrella. After thinking long and hard on this all year, I realized this isn’t something I can do alone. So to have something I have never had, I realize I have to do something I have never done. I hired a business coach.

“I Hired a Creative Coach”

I am so SUPER excited about this. She totally knew where I was coming from and what I needed to do just 5 minutes into our first call today. I am more excited then I have been in a couple years!! We are discussing a bunch of possibilities, including virtual mosaic, jewelry and furniture painting classes.

I can tell you this much, everything will be housed under one umbrella and will definitely be doing a mosaic retreat in the Spring. But since I will be relaunching I wanted to ask you what do you feel would benefit you the most in developing your creative spirit?
“What do you feel would benefit you most??”
I hope you don’t mind that I will be staying in touch a little more frequently over the next few months until I get this transition complete. Please take a minute and write me back and let me know what just what you would love to see me offer at that will help you the most. I will also be sending out a survey, so would you please watch out for that too?
So until we meet or talk again, I pray blessings on you.

My Highest Regards, Nancy

Don’t Be Stubborn Like Me and Miss Your Internal Spark.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.28.08 AM

So I have to briefly talk to you guys about something that happened to me yesterday. My husband Rob and I are planning a trip in October to go to NJ to his baby brothers wedding. We are very excited about it, he’s marrying a lovely girl and it will be incredible to see Fall again. Its been a long time for us and additionally, it’s my favorite season.

Well I spent over an hour trying to book tickets a few nights ago with no success and then finally said” I am going to bed this is crazy”. Every selection I was making was coming back and saying not available, yet looked available on other sites.

So the next night I pulled them up on my iPad and went to pay, and for what ever reason, I just got this feeling oh “Ill wait to tomorrow” when I get home from work and do it on the computer.


So then again yesterday, I go ahead and pull it up on my phone while on my lunch break while teaching and got this grinding screech in my gut! I questioned it at first, it was so familiar and then it became so clear “this is a check in your spirit girl”. It feels like nothing else ever in my life!

When ever I feel this way, I have always tried to common sense it out of my head. I question and whine to myself and think things like, oh GOD don’t care about this or that. I can’t tell you how many times I have embarrassedly been WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! And then I have had to live with the consequences of my decision, sometimes for years for not following the direction or guidance that is put there for me.

So can any of you guess what happened? I walk in the door from work and Robbie says, “ you wont believe this, my boss is taking that same week off”. I start immediately praising GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT for the “unction of the function” as we call the prompting of the HOLY SPIRIT around here. Then I gave myself a little pat on the back too, for not missing HIS prompting this time!!

We both know that some way it will work out and we’ll get to that wedding and my first family reunion ever that we are hosting 2 days later.

So please when you have that stirring or nagging, for me it is right in my gut, when you go to do something, just take a step back and wait, even when it makes no sense to do so. Respect the prompting, what ever your beliefs may be, It is put there to lead and guide us and many times help us out of situations we can’t change.

5 Quick Tips For Setting Up Your Facebook Business Page For Lasting Impact

Want to have a lasting impact on your Facebook Business Page?
Then take a look at my new post ; 5 Quick Tips For Setting Up Your Facebook Business page For Lasting Impact.

Lets have a serious chat for a few minutes here. I know we are all at different levels of building our creative businesses and have different levels of knowledge. But there are a few basics that we all would benefit from knowing, and doing to help us build the business of our dreams. I know it is very hard to do it all, so by getting a few things right, right out of the gate you will create a community that can turn into a lasting legacy.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 2.16.51 PM

1. You need a Facebook business page.

2. The page represents you and what you do. Your Brand. Unless your business is huge and a national brand like Plaid Paint you should use your name for the page.

3. You want to have a picture of yourself in the profile pic section , not your logo. People buy from people not logos.

4. Showcase your business on the cover. You want it to look professional. Make it clear what you do for the person who just lands on your page. I recommend using a app like You can use it on your phone. pad or desk top. The have templates for all types of social media so you don’t have to worry about the sizing. 90% of what they offer is free.

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 1.50.31 PM

5. Be sure to fill in all of the “About” sections on your page. This is where you put your MVP. Your mission, vision and purpose. Yes you need one of these. People want to know your story! Everybody has a story. You have a story to tell, and thats what people connect with. They will be coming back to you and referring to you because they love you, as well as your work. But the truth is there are thousands of furniture painters, but only one you. Its really you that they are coming back for.

Your gifts are what set you apart from everyone else, so share that story and have people fall in love with the magnificent you that you are!

And Always Remember my personal message to you
” It doesn’t matter how broke or broken you are, what really matters is how you put the pieces back together”

God Bless You! Nancy

Are You Feeling Sad That You Are So Sad?

If you are thinking this is another one of those Happy,Happy, Joy,Joy posts; it’s not so you can keep on reading. Needless to say though, I am so grateful for so many things that my LORD has done for me, however I Know that there are thousands of you out there suffering today and you are trying to put on a happy face, as I have so many times in my own life in the past. I know you are missing your families who may live far away, missing your loved ones that have passed before you, or some of you may be experiencing financial problems and debt as my husband and I had over the past few years and are too ashamed to admit it because that’s not what winners do, I could go on and on.

Broken hearted you are trying to put on a Happy Face for this day of gratefulness, because you know that you are supposed to be happy, but inside you are drowning in all sorts of grief.

Today I am giving you permission to stop living by the checklist of what and who you should be, and be who you are and feel how you feel, what I am offering you is a chance to be authentic. It is okay to feel alone or broken hearted for a season, but not forever. We as American’s truly do have so much to be thankful for and I praise GOD all day for the chance to serve him and love his people one more day and that’s what I am doing right here, right now.

I am loving you! Despite your brokenness, I love you right where you are. You might be thinking “ she don’t know me that well” “how can she love me?” Well my friend, I can and do love you, you see the Father of all love has given me a heart for you because his Son Jesus and Holy Sprit dwell deeply and richly in me. They love me despite my imperfections and I want you to know that they love you as well. They are available for you in your deepest darkest hour. Just call out to GOD and he will show up. He will meet you right where you are and he is always on time, even though it may not feel like it sometimes.

So if you are feeling sad, that you are sad, then get happy because you no longer have to feel sad that you are sad! Be yourself and make the commitment that this Thanksgiving is going to be the springboard to the best rest of your life that you could ever imagine!

Remember my Friends, it doesn’t matter how broke or broken you are, what really matters is how you put the pieces back together”. Let’s start reheirlooming you a life of abundant joy today!

In Christ Service, Nancy