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Exciting News Just for You!

As most of you know, that have followed The Mosaic Mermaid and been students for years, my mosaic business sort of took a sabbatical while I launched and built my sister company Poppie’s Paint Powder. Then the last time we talked I told you about the fabulous business coach I hired. Well she really helped me to admit the truth of the matter is, I have really love teaching and mosaic! I have missed more then you will ever know, seeing my students taking broken and making it beautiful. making and sharing Mosaic has always captured my heart. It’s always been a strange phenomenon to me, because I can do just about any type of art. But Nothing quite compares to the bliss I get  seeing all the broken and mismatched pieces come together as a majestic masterpieces. So my friends,  there are big plans for this year. I will be combining much of my Poppie’s business together with The Mosaic Mermaid so I can serve you better. These things will roll out as the year progresses on the websites, emailings, branding and on my Facebook page Nancy Olliver and Social media accounts. It will take a while, so I ask that you will please be patient with me.



Are you still with me? I know some of you are thinking ” But I don’t like DIY and furniture painting”. But don’t fret my friend, If you don’t like furniture painting, lifestyle or recipes I post just disregard them and know that your mosaic posts will also be there for you. I am very excited to be combing both of my loves, because I truly think that we all should embrace all our gifts. I spent way too many of my creative years thinking that I had to pick one thing at a time to be good at, and the truth is, not to sound pompous, I am good at many things. many talents and abilities God has gifted me with to share with you.


Bunny Girl Retreat May 11-14th 2017



Splendid Mother’s Day Present


The Mosaic Memory Jar Retreat is Fondly know as the “Bunny Girl Retreat” . This is an Art-cation for sure. The retreat is going to be Seaside on Anna Maria Island and all inclusive. It will include beachside accommodations, supples and most meals in a private luxury home. There will be single and double occupancy if you are traveling with a friend. All you have to do is bring yourself, your friend, broken china and jewels and an appetite for everything creative! You will be the first to receive the special pricing via email.



“It doesn’t matter how broke or broken you are, what really matters is how you put the pieces back together.

​​​​​​​Nancy Olliver


Some Things on the Agenda this Year

A few  more things on the agenda this year are; 

Monthly online subscription Club

A 4 day Mosaic Memory Jar All inclusive Retreat in May


and my most popular small furniture class will be available as an online course. I am so excited about this.

Thank You so much and God Bless! I look forward to connecting with you on a deeper level this year!

Love, Nancy

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​​​​​​​PS. If you think you will interested in the Bunny Girl Retreat please just reply and Ill add you to my preliminary list.

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