The Mosaic Mermaid’s Bunny Girl Workshop Retreat


The Mosaic Mermaid’s Bunny Girl Workshop Retreat

May 10-14th 2017

Gulf Coast Resort to Be Announced, Anna Maria Island Fl

Have you been longing to get away and let your creativity flow? Then I know where you need to be on May 10-14th 2017. Over the past 17 years I have taught nearly a thousand students in my home studio, in my co-op classroom, and as an invited guest in homes and businesses across North America my unique sculpturesque style of pique assiette mosaic .

I have been teaching students how to take broken pieces of their past and turn them into newly mastered heirlooms for the future through my reHeirloming™ process. My roof top message that is incorporated into all my workshops is

“It doesn’t matter how broken you are, what really matters is how you put the pieces back together”

The Mosaic Mermaid, Nancy Olliver

For quite sometime now my students have been requesting a Intensive Retreat that will allow them to bring together all the skills they have been learning throughout the years and create a lasting memory piece to cherish in an intimate setting. I am so thrilled to be offering The Bunny Girl Mosaic Memory Jar Retreat again this May. I have been longing to share this with you all for quite some time. We are going to be turning “Broken into Beautiful” for 40 intensive hours, as we create your own personal mosaic memory jar together. This workshop will teach you an ancient art of making a mosaic a memory jar.


Here is a sneak peek at what The Bunny Girl Mosaic Memory Jar Retreat is going to offer you;

Make lasting friendships in a intimate waterfront setting

Very small group setting. Limited to 10 students only.

Its like getting 4 days of private instruction at a group rate.


Individual mosiac  design created just for you by the Mosaic Mermaid

(500.00) value

Extensive resource guide for all my recommendations of trusted materials, tools and their websites

Gourmet breakfast, lunches and snacks provided throughout the 4 days

Wine and Cheese Reception Wednessday Evening

4 Nights accommodations, double occupancy in Luxury Private vacation home on Ana Maria Island

Praise from Former Students

“As I created a mosaic memory jar at the Mosaic Mermaid studio, I was inspired by the philosophical words of Nancy. “You will be taking broken pieces of your past and turning them into wonderful heirlooms for the future!”
Bringing my own jewelry, pendants, and religious medals from the past made my memory jar a very personal experience! As I placed each memento on the jar, it brought back memories of my family, journeys and experiences that were special to me!
Sometimes it brought me to tears! This creation represented my life!
I treasure this memory Jar and proudly display it for all to see!

Mary Hilger, Indiana Art Teacher

“After a long search online looking for an intensive mosaic artists workshop I came upon the work of Nancy Olliver, the Mosaic Mermaid. Her workmanship and creative flair stood out to me and so I made the plans to study with her for 6 days in November of 2012. Right away her professionalism shone through! She sent me a detailed itinerary of our week together and answered any questions I had. She even prepared a comprehensive tool kit for me so that I would have the tools to take home with me after the session was over. This was something I really appreciated! Paying for the class was also smooth and problem free! As questions for me popped up Nancy was quick to reply with all the answers I needed! It was a good feeling to start a new endeavor like this, which can often be stressful enough in itself, with no hassles!  From the moment I arrived I was so impressed with Nancy’s knowledge and ability to explain things to me. It was obvious to me that she had immense experience, peppered with her edgy “out of the box” creativity….learning the techniques was all the more easier because of her cheery, positive and bubbly nature.

Lisa Sherman-Shamay, Barbados

Often times you come across an artist who not only has creative genius, but has an amazing mission to go with their work! Nancy Olliver is that kind of gem! The only thing I adore more than the custom mosaic bangle bracelet she handmade for me, is her ability to beautifully re-purpose broken pieces of glass, china, baubles and stones and use them in her her ‘re-heirlooming’ process. Using that same heart centered concept of going from broken to beautiful makes it such a joy to support the work of her hands and her heart. Every time I wear the bracelet, I have the opportunity to share Nancy’s talent and her treasure…, which is her ability to make others feel special by crafting one of a kind pieces just for them! To say she is amazing, just doesn’t do her justice.

Angela Lomel, Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Why You Should Attend

Nothing is more FUN then an ART-Cation

Build a Strong Foundation

This retreat is much more then just basic Mosaic 101.

You will develop a strong foundation that can be applied to most any project, not just a memory jar.

Connect on a Deep Soulyoular Level

In addition to getting your creative processes flowing to their peak performance you will bond with gals that are like-minded. My students have developed deep and lasting friendships throughout the years, as they learned together to make beautiful out of broken. The process of Mosaic is very healing and is a metaphor  for our lives. We all have areas of life where we have been broken and are in need of a healing.  Mosaic has a way of helping you to put all the pieces back together in a way far more beautiful then it ever was before. Many of my most important moments of personal growth in my life have come through the reHeirlooming™ process as I have turned “broken to beautiful”.

Relax Replenish and Reconnect

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There is something that is priceless about spending time waterfront and creating at the same time. You will have the opportunity to spend time at the beach and explore the Island. There is even a FREE trolley to get around town.

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Explore Local Art Galleries for Inspiration

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Make Friends to Last a Lifetime

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I Recommend Yoga on the Beach if you have never done it before too!

The Secrets Out

I will be teaching you techniques that have only been reserved for students in my mentorship program and advanced level private students. You will learn how to create a mosaic sculpture.

History of Memory Jars

Memory jars have been around for centuries and were often made to honor someone after their passing. The family would take their personal possessions and have them embedded into the vessel. They would usually use some type of a jug or urn. You will learn about the historic version, but will be creating my version which is a little different, but I believe much more pleasing to the eye and useful.


Course Agenda

Meet and Greet

Introduction snacks, sangria and history of Memory Jars

Design Time

Laying out the Design

Basic review of hand tools and simple cutting techniques

Hand nippers


Wheeled nippers secrets

Making and Preparing the tiles and pieces for application

Making china tiles

Making glass tiles

Altering 3D pieces to fit


Which ones to use, when and why

Applying the foundation pieces and edges

Layering your sculpture

Grouting Techniques

Types and indications for use

How to mix, apply and clean

Special tips and secrets to help you succeed, that people don’t tell you

Make it Sparkle with your unique finishing touches


We will also explore throughout the weekend how mosaic is a metaphor for our lives in so many ways. This will be a time of sharing and healing for many of you. I have been blessed with many of my life lessons as I have put so many broken pieces back together over the years. It will be a time of fellowship and making new friendships.

You will need to bring to the class;
1 Biscuit Jar, canister, teapot or coffee pot, urn or jug of some sort.
Personal nick knacks, memorabilia and broken jewelry
Any special China, jewelry and bric a brac that you may want to incorporate into it.

I supply a personal design just for you,  adhesive, grout and lots of glitter and grout

Here is a link to a pinterest board that shows many examples of other artist’s memory jars, as well as mine.

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Retail $2997.00

Early Bird Pricing $1497.00 Single payment

Payment Plan Available $600 a month for 3 months

Email for Details

Tool Kits, special collectible treasures, china, glass, special collectible treasures,

china, glass, will be available to purchase prior to workshop

You must  pay in full when registering to get this price
No gift certificates or discounts apply to this class.

Payment Options are available
This does include 4 nights accommodations double occupancy.

Minimum Registrations have to be meet .

I hope you will join me for an unforgettable 4 Days as we start on a journey of “turning broken into beautiful” in Your Life too!

Lots of Love, Nancy ,

The Mosaic Mermaid

[email protected]