Mosaic Classes

Join the Mosaic Mermaid Nancy Olliver and her crew for a relaxing, fun  and creative day where you will experience the splendor of creating the mosaic you have always dreamed of. The Mosaic Mermaid is offering a variety of workshops for all experience levels in three different locations; her waterfront studio, The Shabby Mermaid,  Creative Classes in Venice  Florida or at your location upon special request.

Not only will you leave with a wealth of information, but you will also feel refreshed and renewed  as you take broken pieces of your past and turn them into something beautiful.  Mosaic has been found to be very therapeutic for the body, mind and soul. Mosaic is a GREAT stress reliever, and students experience a deep sense of personal freedom and accomplishment in this process.  

It is recommend that students start with the Basic Workshop and Class to learn the techniques that will enable you to build the foundation on which you will be able to build your  expertise as a  mosaic artist for both fun or profit.  Upon mastering the basics  students are encouraged to get real creative and let their imaginations run wild. During the advanced classes students learn how to do crazy things, like cut teapots in half, make figurines dance across a chair back and cut shapes out of china. Class sizes vary, but we always provide all students with lots of personal time for one on one instruction. If more personal instruction is needed students are encouraged to book private sessions with the Mosaic Mermaid. Individual and group packages are  available  for multiple classes and workshops.

Current Mosaic Classes Offered. Details are specified below.

  • Basic Mosaic Class
  • Intermediate Mosaic Class
  • Advanced Mosaic Class
  • Mosaic Mermaid Soul Tag Class
  • Girls Night Out Soul Tag Class
  • Mosaic Mailbox Class
  • Mosaic Bracelet Class
  • Soul Gravity Mirror Class
  • Small Furniture Class
  • Mosaica Intensica
  • Online Classes Coming Soon!



5619093The Basic Mosaic Class is going to equip you with the knowledge you need  to make a small flat project or a large patio table. The Basic Mosaic Workshop portion is were you will learn the skills that are the foundation for all mosaic projects. The materials that will be provided for you to work with are china, ceramic tile, micro tiles and stained glass. You will learn how to plan, arrange, and complete a project. You will learn how to cut and make tiles out of several materials. We will cover the different types of cutting tools available and how to use them, the differences in adhesives and how to apply them, and basic grouting and sealing techniques. You will complete one mirror.

Schedule: Wednesdays, 2pm to 5pm

Cost: $125, 2 sessions

Also available in your home for the day. Cost $85.00 per head (10 head minimum) contact [email protected]



In addition to the skills learned in the Basic 101 class, the student will learn to apply mosaic to a variety of substrates. Learning emphasis will be placed on determining the correct adhesive for the selected substrate of the students choice. Students will also be introduced to 3 dimensional application. This is an ongoing or open class, and may take students several sessions to complete project.

This is a very exciting class. The student is encouraged to let their imagination run wild. It is about this time in their artistic mosaic journey that students start to see mosaic on everything. Students are hoping people drop and break things so they can “mosaic it”.

Supplies will vary according to the project and are available at the studio for purchase. Many basic supplies are included. Students are encouraged to bring Base or Substrate items from home.

House Numbers plaque is also available as an intermediate project if you choose.

Schedule: Varies. contact [email protected]

Cost:  $139, two 3 hour instructional sessions



Our Advanced students are accomplished at mosaic and are ready for the big time. The emphasis in this class is on developing a high level of technical skill. The student is taught how to make simple cuts using POWER tools! Yes I said power tools. After mastering this skill the student will be able to elevate their skill to a level held by only professionals. Students will be able to add pizzaz to their projects that can not be achieved with only flat work.
Schedule: classes are formed as students advance  through the levels.

Cost: $997, 3 half day sessions



Students create their Soul Tags™ to inspire them to outwardly recognize and celebrate their Soul’s desires. Each Soul Tag™ is a one of a kind piece of art, hand crafted by you to give as a gift or keep as a reminder of something near and dear to your heart.  The process helps you discover who you are, what you love and what your soul gravitates toward for you to be fulfilled from the inside.

Each “Soul Tag”™ you create is crafted on a stainless steel tag base. Each students tag is unique and may contain an assortment of vintage, renewed and up-cycled or altered items such as; broken china, pottery, sea glass, stained glass, broken vintage jewelry, sterling silver, genuine gem stones, custom jewelry, crystals, rhinestones, charms and found and re-purposed vintage treasures.

Students are encouraged to go through their jewelry box and find broken or castaway pieces and give them new life through in the creation of their beautiful Soul Tag pendants through the ReHeirlooming™ process.
All tools and basic supplies are provided for the student to complete two masterpieces.
Schedule: Wednesdays, 6-8:30 pm Available on other days and times by request. Contact [email protected]
Cost: Pendants retail at $105 each, 2.5 hour  class for only  $69




Girls are encouraged to come out for an evening of fun, art and wine. Enjoy a couple glasses of wine while they unwind and create amazing heirloom quality jewelry to take home. This class entitles each participant to create 2 wonderful and unique Soulrageous Soul Tag necklaces.

This class is an excellent way to celebrate and honor a new mom, as a baby shower activity, host a bridal shower, bridesmaid tea or birthday party by hosting a private party by appointment.

Schedule: By Appointment Only

Cost: $350 for up to 8 participants





The Mosaic Mailbox Class is a fabulous advanced class designed to give the student an opportunity to use all the skills they have learned in all of their previous classes. Students must have completed Basic and Intermediate skills class prior to taking the mailbox class.


Schedule: Varies according to class interest and scheduling needs. 5-7 full days as needed to complete the piece. Class size limited to 4 students.

Cost: $825.00



The Mosaic Bracelet Class is a fun beginners class for the student interested in creating mosaic jewelry or that doesn’t have the time to complete a full basic class.

Schedule: 4 hour class Wednesdays and Saturdays at various locations. Call for details. Contact [email protected]  to schedule at a different time.

Cost: $139.00

Small Furniture Class

In the small furniture class you will have the opportunity to create a one of a kind heirloom quality piece of mosaic furniture over a 4 weeks 3 hour periods. This is a class favorite. You bring your piece of furniture with you and we totally transform it with our special chalk painting techniques then add your one of a kind mosaic to it to further enhance it’s heirloom quality beauty. Class limited to 6 participants. Be sure to call for reservations and times.

mosaic mermaid chair



The Soul Gravity ™ mirror workshop was created to help students identify what their soul gravitates toward. The more we know about what it takes for us to be fulfilled the more exciting and enjoyable our journey on this earth will be. Your Soul Gravity ™ mirror will be an outward celebration of what your inner soul is drawn towards. This interactive mosaic class also includes a workshop on the elements of your Souls Gravity and archetype. A workbook is also included.

 Schedule: Sundays upon request. This is a 4 hour workshop.



Join The Mosaic Mermaid for a week-long private program where the student will have a complete mosaic immersion. The workshop will cover the following:  aspects of mosaic techniques, cutting and laying styles and/or mixed materials,  and more. They will also have an opportunity to complete all the classes  offered (Basic, Intermediate,Mosaic Mermaid Soul tag, and Advanced Classes) in an intensive one on one study program. Aside from extensive hands-on work that involves cutting and placing techniques, there will also be a lot of discussions covering several topics that includes: framing, tools, mosaic business, etc. It will definitely be an unforgettable and productive artsy experience!

Schedule: to be discussed

Cost: $1497.oo per day count on at least a week of classes or more. Price and time vary according to the projects that you select according to the difficulty and time to complete.

Contact Nancy The Mosaic Mermaid for more details.  [email protected]


Private party events are also available at your location. Don’t hesitate to inquire about details and more info at [email protected]. Specialty classes are available as needed.  Please do visit this blog frequently for updates, and inquire if you don’t see a class listed that you would like to take.