Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

I am hoping to get this piece done real soon. Do you ever start something and for what ever reason just not get around to finishing it up? I have no idea why it has been on the back burner because I think it is lovely. I read in the Artists Way before that one of our strengths is also our weaknesses. ( Mermaid paraphrase ) because we can visually imagine the completed creation that when it comes to actually physically creating that which we have imagined that we often fall short and miss the mark. It isn’t art until it is tangible. It’s just great ideas.Cake Saver


  1. trracysmosaics says:

    Yes I do the same thing! I have projects that need grout. I love to break it…cut it…paint it and glue it but dread the grout!!!

  2. mosaicmermaid says:

    Isn’t that something? It always seems like such a chore doesn’t it? The funniest thing is once I get started on it I actually like it.

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