How I overcome an Artist Funk

centerI had been in somewhat of an Artist funk ever since we returned from our fabulous trip. Just couldn’t shake it. There were some things going on, but nothing new, I quit coffee but I have done that a dozen times before and never had this reaction. Just a plain old funk. Brain clouds, tiredness and no creativity to be had. I think it was partially because our trip was just so incredible. The shock of returning to real life can be hard to handle from time to time. I would imagine if you had no chance or opportunity to live your dream each and everyday or even occasionally that it would be a dull existence. But thats not the case for me. real life for me by most standards would be like being on a vacation. I can’t imagine a better life then one where I get to travel around and finesse creativity out of people , while piling lots and lots of God’s sweet love on them. Yes I am living a dream and am so grateful for each and everyday I get to serve God’s people with the talents and abilities he has given me. I am blessed in so many ways.

cupcake stand

So why a funk when I have so very much to be grateful for? Who knows for sure, but I can tell you
how awesomely important it is to have a trusted confidant in your corner. Just one sentence from them can turn things around, when they are looking cloudy. My husband, my # 1 fan spoke a few words of wisdom to me this morning and the cloud lifted like sunshine after a rain.

You see we can change our thoughts just like that. It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out saga. So sometimes when we are stuck on something, its good to get some reassurance from that trusted friend or partner to make sure our thinking processes are in line with our reality. It’s real easy to be going down the wrong path and not even realize it. I am grateful for him !!!!!


Then I did what I always do when nothing seems to be moving forward. I just did something. Just doing something anything, creating something, working toward my goals or serving someone is a sure solution for any funk. It always leads to much much more for me.

I am grateful that every day is an opportunity to turn something broken into something Beautiful when you are looking for it and today was no exception! You see “It doesn’t matter how broken you are, what really matters is how you put the pieces back together” Nancy Olliver

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