I am Back

I am Back

I Have Missed You so Much
As many of you know I have been nearly MIA for about 3 years now since I launched our chalk paint powder company, Poppie’s! Can I please be brutally honest with you? While I love Poppie’s and know beyond a shadow of a doubt it’s the best product on the market, I really miss helping people create beauty from brokenness more then you can imagine.
So what’s the solution? I have a very profitable company, that I love, but it’s not the same.


I am so Blessed to have been giving many talents and abilities and don’t take the responsibility lightly. I truly believe “to whom much is given much is required” .
My SOUL has been yearning my dear friends to connect with you all again just like we use on a deep soulular level. So I know for me to be able to do this I have to figure out how I can move all these wonderful things I have for you under one umbrella. After thinking long and hard on this all year, I realized this isn’t something I can do alone. So to have something I have never had, I realize I have to do something I have never done. I hired a business coach.

“I Hired a Creative Coach”

I am so SUPER excited about this. She totally knew where I was coming from and what I needed to do just 5 minutes into our first call today. I am more excited then I have been in a couple years!! We are discussing a bunch of possibilities, including virtual mosaic, jewelry and furniture painting classes.

I can tell you this much, everything will be housed under one umbrella and will definitely be doing a mosaic retreat in the Spring. But since I will be relaunching I wanted to ask you what do you feel would benefit you the most in developing your creative spirit?
“What do you feel would benefit you most??”
I hope you don’t mind that I will be staying in touch a little more frequently over the next few months until I get this transition complete. Please take a minute and write me back and let me know what just what you would love to see me offer at NancyOlliver.com that will help you the most. I will also be sending out a survey, so would you please watch out for that too?
So until we meet or talk again, I pray blessings on you.

My Highest Regards, Nancy

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