More Then Just an Art Workshop!


It was 14 and a half years ago that the “Broken to Beautiful” retreat was dropped into my heart during a drastically life changing experience. I was sitting on the back of my truck and working on a mosaic paper towel holder at a campground on the Tennessee river and GOD started pouring a divine revelation into my heart. Prior to this I had been a Mosaic teacher for a few years, but had been drawn to making beautiful out of broken pretty much my entire life. I loved it and was drawn to this as a lifestyle for as long as I could remember.


At the time of my divine revelation I was really broken. My marriage had fallen apart and we were living separately.  I had developed anxiety attacks after a failed reconciliation and was trying to find my way in the world as a non-divorced single Christian gal and didn’t like where any of it was going. So what’d I do? I took off on a month long pilgrimage of sorts and thats where I met GOD that day on the back of my truck. 

HE showed me that if I had faith HE would take all the brokenness of the past and create a beautiful treasure from my life just like I do with mosaic.

As I was gluing each broken treasured piece of vintage broken china on that heart( how ironic right?) the divine downloads were being dumped on me one after another, This knowledge I was receiving was about how we all are broken.  He showed me that mosaic is a metaphor for life and how we can turn broken to beautiful, just as Christ has restored us through the Cross. With every single piece I applied, my faith expanded and I developed vision and hope that I, and our marriage would be made whole again. During the next few years I stood and walked this truth and I am blessed and fortunate to share with you today that  my husband and I have been transformed from shattered  to restored, reconciled and in love all over again for nearly 12 years. Praise God!!!!!!

HE showed me that if I had faith HE would take all the brokenness of the past and create a beautiful treasure from my life just like I do with mosaic. I also accepted the assignment to help others turn their lives from broken to beautiful on that journey . 

 I  would love to share with you some of these treasures  that HE  gifted on me and I received through grace on that hot summer day in Scottsboro Alabama on my pilgrimage.


There is a healing aspect to mosaic that I can not explain. I truly believe that it is from above.

I feel honored to have been entrusted to share with others how to take broken pieces of your past and transform them into masterpieces. This reHeirlooming process is much deeper then just the beautiful piece you will create if you choose to join me for this retreat, it is soul transforming. Believe me when I tell you, I have never been the same since that day on the back of my truck. I knew mosaic had a special place in my heart, but I just thought I liked it more then any other art medium. Also remarkable is my belief that if I had not been away from my normal environment, I doubt that I would have ever received the knowledge I needed to share this with you.

If you are looking for an experience that will change your life, this is the retreat for you. No experience needed. Just bring your broken treasures and your open heart and we will craft together a mosaic masterpiece that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

I promise you that it will be more then a workshop guaranteed. However, because it is more then a workshop I feel the need to clarify a few things for you so you know just exactly what you should and shouldn’t expect..

More then Just an Art Workshop

What It Is: A time to get together with like minded ladies and create a mosaic masterpiece while sharing and caring for each other.

It is a safe and private space and you will be honored.  You will learn how to turn broken to beautiful. I will share my journey from broken to beautiful as I am lead to do so.

Fear Not My Sweet

What this Isn’t; this retreat isn’t a one of those retreats that are psycho/social in nature. You will not be forced to share your deepest secrets. I say this because while I was carrying so much brokenness, I would avoid events or experiences where I thought I had to share things that weren’t meant to be shared. Not every life experience needs to be shared. Only those that you feel like would benefit you or others is what I believe should be shared. No one will make you uncomfortable.

If you are feeling drawn to this, but are doubtful, scared or downing yourself or would love to come but don’t have all the money right now, please email me and we will set up a call to address what ever is putting these thoughts of unbelief in your mind.  If it’s on your mind and heart to be here then we will help you find a way.

This is not a hard sell letter. It’s my heart and life’s mission sharing with you one of my biggest purposes on this earth. If you would love to have more details on this 4 day Art-cation Adventure with me please go to the event webpage and check it out right here.
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