“Often times you come across an artist who not only has creative genius, but has an amazing mission to go with their work! Nancy Olliver is that kind of gem! The only thing I adore more than the custom mosaic bangle bracelet she handmade for me, is her ability to beautifully re-purpose broken pieces of glass, china, baubles and stones and use them in her her ‘re-heirlooming’ process. Using that same heart centered concept of going from broken to beautiful makes it such a joy to support the work of her hands and her heart. Every time I wear the bracelet, I have the opportunity to share Nancy’s talent and her treasure…which is her ability to make others feel special by crafting one of a kind pieces just for them! To say she is amazing, just doesn’t do her justice.” –Angela Lomel



“Nancy Oliver AKA The Mosaic Mermaid created a Signature Bracelet and Soul Tag for me that brought tears to my eyes the moment I first set eyes on them! As a matter of fact I still tear up each time I put on my gorgeous masterpiece! Nancy’s workmanship is impeccable and her attention to detail is second to none! Nancy’s care and attention to her work gives you the feeling that she really goes that extra mile! She has truly captured the essence of ME in her creation of “My Cup Runneth Over!” Thank you so much Nancy…I will always treasure this special piece of art!” –Sharon Mayers









I took Nancy’s mosaic art class 2 years ago. It was such an amazing experience. Nancy has a special gift for teaching. She shows you step by step how to create a beautiful piece of art that brings that inner artist out. Nancy’s passion for art really shows in her instruction. While I was designing my picture frame, she was able to guide me in a way that allowed me to express my creativity. I highly recommend Nancy’s class. It’s a great environment for relaxation and fun. I was proud of the piece of art I created and gave it to my mom for Mother’s Day with a picture of us from the beach. I can’t wait to take another one !” —Jennifer Cline Tampa Florida


After a long search online looking for an intensive mosaic artists workshop I came upon the work of Nancy Oliver at the Mosaic Mermaid. Her workmanship and creative flair stood out to me and so I made the plans to study with her for 6 days in November of 2012. Right away her professionalism shone through ! She sent me a detailed itinerary of our week together and answered any questions I had. She even prepared a comprehensive tool kit for me so that I would have the tools to take home with me after the session was over. This was something I really appreciated! Paying for the class was also smooth and problem free! As questions for me popped up Nancy was quick to reply with all the answers I needed! It was a good feeling to start a new endeavour like this, which can often be stressful enough in itself, with no hassles!

From the moment I arrived I was so impressed with Nancy’s knowledge and ability to explain things to me. It was obvious to me that she had immense experience , peppered with her edgy “out of the box” creativity….learning the techniques was all the more easier because of her cheery, positive and bubbly nature.

In a short period of time she managed to keep us right on track and cover everything on our schedule (and MORE as we even squeezed in an morning flea market shop to help school me on how to hunt for treasures used in projects)

I was pleased that i got the opportunity to learn so many of the hands-on techniques used in mosaic work. It far exceeded what knowledge I’d acquire in this small time together.

I would recommend Nancy’s workshop to anyone without hesitation! She was a pleasure and an inspiration to work with. She encouraged me to find my own talents and to experiment freely while I was with her! Any nervousness or worry I came with was quickly diffused by her warm loving nature and her very apparent savvy skills.

This lady has it all and anyone who has the chance to study with her …needs to!!  It will equip them with so much knowledge and wonderful memories! I treasure my time with Nancy and plan to work with her again! –Lisa Sherman -Shamray

“I have to tell you that you have been quite an inspiration for me to find my artistic side again. I was a trained dancer for years and gave it up when I became pregnant with my first son. I’ve always been a little different and a dreamer (artsy) and have always needed an artistic outlet. You have really helped me to find that side of myself again that I thought was lost. So I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel like I’ve come alive again:-)”

Jessica Jaworski, Mullica Hill NJjessicaJ

– See more at: http://nancyolliver.com/do-you-want-to-live-soulrageously/#sthash.ktio4Gym.dpuf