The Mosaic Mermaid

nancy olliver

Hi!  I am Nancy Olliver, known as the Mosaic Mermaid to many. My passion has been turning broken pieces into beautiful for over 30 years both as a professional mosaic artist and as a Registered Nurse.


I take the broken pieces of people’s pasts and create for them heirloom quality furniture and jewelry using a method of mosaic called pique assiette. Through my work I share that

“It doesn’t matter how broken you are, what really matters is how you put the pieces back together”.

My work is in many homes and private collections around the world. I develop and teach workshops, teaching people how to re-heirloom™ things they already have through my techniques. I also am very passionate about helping people reconnect with their creative soul after abandoning it because life just got in the way.

248850_472169309492866_1566883810_nNancy Olliver, The Mosaic Mermaid