What is The Good Life to You?

z22I am participating in a 30 day to prosperity prayer challenge that my good friend Lisa is hosting on Facebook. This morning she asked the question “what is the good life to you”? This was my response and I wanted to share it with you this morning.

The act of doing something daily that I have committed to is very disciplining in its own right. When I am disciplined I grow in self respect and thereby self worth and confidence. The good life is when I get to do what my soul desires that I do. Always being able to love with a heart that knows no boundary as I am made in the image of CHRIST! To be able to be there for people in need when they cross my path showering them in blessings. Having GOD tell me I did a good job serving his people one day when I get to heaven. Always being brave and standing for what I know in my heart is right, even if others disagree. Walking in faith and not fear. As I am writing to you Lisa, I am realizing that the good life to me has nothing to do with money. I was trying to force myself to talk about material things here, but they are insignificant compared to what I have already shared. If I have these things then all the needs I could ever have will be provided for me. I will have no lack and all bounty and I will prosper and be in health as my soul prospers. They key as in the scripture is soul prosperity. That is the key to open the door to all the other riches of this world and beyond.

The foundation of The Mosaic Mermaid is built upon “The Good Life”. Mosaic is the metaphor for taking those things broken and making them beautiful again. I am called to help people put the broken pieces of their lives back together into something beautiful. To help you reach soul prosperity.

I hope you have a great day and find ways to build your broken into beautiful!

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