Don’t Be Stubborn Like Me and Miss Your Internal Spark.

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So I have to briefly talk to you guys about something that happened to me yesterday. My husband Rob and I are planning a trip in October to go to NJ to his baby brothers wedding. We are very excited about it, he’s marrying a lovely girl and it will be incredible to see Fall again. Its been a long time for us and additionally, it’s my favorite season.

Well I spent over an hour trying to book tickets a few nights ago with no success and then finally said” I am going to bed this is crazy”. Every selection I was making was coming back and saying not available, yet looked available on other sites.

So the next night I pulled them up on my iPad and went to pay, and for what ever reason, I just got this feeling oh “Ill wait to tomorrow” when I get home from work and do it on the computer.


So then again yesterday, I go ahead and pull it up on my phone while on my lunch break while teaching and got this grinding screech in my gut! I questioned it at first, it was so familiar and then it became so clear “this is a check in your spirit girl”. It feels like nothing else ever in my life!

When ever I feel this way, I have always tried to common sense it out of my head. I question and whine to myself and think things like, oh GOD don’t care about this or that. I can’t tell you how many times I have embarrassedly been WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! And then I have had to live with the consequences of my decision, sometimes for years for not following the direction or guidance that is put there for me.

So can any of you guess what happened? I walk in the door from work and Robbie says, “ you wont believe this, my boss is taking that same week off”. I start immediately praising GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT for the “unction of the function” as we call the prompting of the HOLY SPIRIT around here. Then I gave myself a little pat on the back too, for not missing HIS prompting this time!!

We both know that some way it will work out and we’ll get to that wedding and my first family reunion ever that we are hosting 2 days later.

So please when you have that stirring or nagging, for me it is right in my gut, when you go to do something, just take a step back and wait, even when it makes no sense to do so. Respect the prompting, what ever your beliefs may be, It is put there to lead and guide us and many times help us out of situations we can’t change.

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